Helping Revitalize Your Health

My first visit to a Naturopath when I was in my early 20s was dramatic, so much so that I gave up my career at the time and retrained over the next six years to become a Naturopath.

I trained in Australia, where I practiced for 25 years, and over the last few years have been practicing in Eye, Suffolk, since returning to the UK.

I am also the Resident Naturopath for BBC Radio Suffolk, and was on national TV in Australia (in relation to a handbook I wrote on the subject of tiredness and fatigue), as well as featuring in the media on various subjects.

I have seen over 20,000 people in consultation. Many people come to see me with unexplained tiredness and a host of associated symptoms. I use iridology to help identify the underlying causes and problems, and then with a combination of complimentary therapies (eg homeopathy, herbs, nutritional medicine/vitamins/minerals) create a personalized program to help correct these.


In a consultation, I would like to discuss your health with you, answer your questions, and address your concerns. My goal is that you feel better about your health at the end of your consultation than when you first came into my practice.

I want to give value for money and informative consultations, with the whole purpose of correcting a presenting health problem and guiding and directing your health into the future.

Telephoning or emailing me is absolutely free. I am only too happy to talk and correspond with all my clients with any questions or assistance outside of a consultation time.

In a consultation an holistic approach is taken. While the purpose may be to address a specific issue, it is done by understanding and addressing health problems as a whole.

I will give you advice and recommendations to treat health problems, using nutritional medicine, diet, herbal, and homeopathic medicines, according to your specific needs and requirements.

My intention is to align your health goals with my experience and knowledge. I am very aware that you will be coming to see me for results.