Talk to Me About
Your Health

Nick Dale, Naturopath
4 Harley Street
London W1

Talk to Me About
Your Health

Nick Dale, Naturopath
4 Harley Street
London W1

Welcome to my
West London Naturopathic Practice

My goal is to help you completely revitalise your health.

What’s more, it’s simpler than you might think when you’re in the right hands. Naturopathy can give you the answers you need and a new lease of life, solving the problem that brought you here.

Conditions Treated at the Hale Clinic

So many people feel like they have to live with the symptoms they are experiencing.

Burnout, fatigue, stress, digestive issues and associated problems, such as acne and migraines are common things I treat. Very often these issues can evolve into more complex health problems if left untreated. What’s more, they often lie at the root cause of other health issues.

I also see many people with chronic UTIs and sinus problems.

In addition, I’m also seeing children with problems such as PANDAS and autism.

Your digestive system has a huge role to play in your health. It is vital, not just for physical and mental health, but also to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients ,as well as effective detoxification and waste elimation. Problems associated with liver, gallbladder, blood sugar, bowel and stomach health are all areas to optimise and treat where there are problems.

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This complex condition is often distressing and relentless. Very often people come to me having already tried antibotics from their Doctor, and having clear UTI tests, despite still experiencing painful symptoms and frequency.

With specific testing, pinpointing the underlying cause opens the door to healing.

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There are many different potential underlying causes for chrnoic fatigue. However, in my experience the cause is usually one of just a handful of factors. Furthermore, chronic fatigue and ME are things I treat very regularly and I see a pattern with specific symptoms. Each person is unique and treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

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Isolating and addressing the underlying cause of migraines, headaches and sinus problems is key. The cause is very rarely the head itself and often lies in the digestive, hormonal or nervous system.

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If you are overwhelmed with burnout from stress, trauma or overwork for example, there are very effective things you can do to support yourself through this and recover. Looking after your physical and mental health with natural medicine that is tailored specifically for you is an important step in the process.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress that is affecting how you feel mentally and emotionally, there are natural therapies to support you through this. Building resilience and rebalancing your system is where natural medicine is ideal.

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Identifying the cause of skin problems is key in finding effective treatment. Often this is linked with gut health, but this can be determined through a consultation, and testing such as iridology if needed.

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I see a lot of children at my practice, with a broad range of health conditions. These might be sleep problems, nightmares and skin issues, through to more complex cases, including autism and PANDAS.

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This is something I see increasingly in my practice. Furthermore, both natural medicine and diet are very well suited to addressing and correcting such issues.

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Take Control of Your Health

Your Consultation

When you come and see me, I will be wanting to find out about you and your health history. Further to this, the intention is always to treat the underlying cause of the problems you are experiencing today.

Testing at the Hale Clinic

As part of your consultation at the Hale Clinic I will carry out an iridology test. This is a very simple and un-invasive form of diagnosis. Above all, it will pick up strengths and weakness, as well as specific points of inflammation, that can reveal why a person is experiencing problems.

Moreover, it is important because the cause behind a lot of health problems can be obscured and unclear. So, this is where iridology is hugely helpful as it helps to isolate that cause, which is vital for successful treatment. For example, many thyroid conditions in the body are majorly affected by liver problems, and iridology can hone in on this. Another example is migraines, which are often related to gut and digestive problems. Again, iridology can help pin point this and isolate the cause so that tailored natural therapies can be applied.

Medical doctors regularly use this practice in Europe as their initial diagnostic technique.

I may also recommend further testing, depending on your medical history and symptoms. These tests are functional medicine tests, which can be stool or urine tests for example. If you opt to take a function medicine test, your specimens are analysed at a lab. Importantly, these tests also are un-invasive.

Appointment details

When you arrive at the Hale Clinic, the person at the reception desk will direct you to the waiting area and my office.

You should allow one hour for all appointments.

Before coming to your appointment, it is very helpful if you email me with details about your health history and what you are experiencing today, as well as a list of medication or supplements that you are taking.

Please feel very welcome to contact me with any questions before or after your appointment.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

First Do No Harm

Natural, gentle, non-toxic natural therapies, as well as nutrition and lifestyle steps are used to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance.

Heal Naturally

Harness the body’s inherent natural ability to heal and restore health by removing obstacles to healing and identifying treatments to enhance and induce healing.

Treat the Cause

My goal as a Naturopath is to identify and treat the underlying cause of illness and symptoms. Symptom management is also important, but getting to the cause is vital for long term results.


The Latin derivation of the word doctor is docere, which means “to teach.” Naturopaths are always focused on educating, empowering, and motivating patients to adopt healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Treat the Whole Person

William Osler, MD, once said, “It is more important to know what sort of patient has a disease rather than what sort of disease a patient has.” Identifying specific weaknesses or dysfunction and tailoring treatments based on an individual’s presentation is vital.

Maintenance & Prevention

It is much easier and cheaper to prevent a disease than it is to treat it. Once you have reached a good point I will recommend lifestye steps and nutritional supplements to help strengthen areas with susceptibilities to help build resilience and offer long term protection fpr your health.

Take Control of Your Health

Where to Find the London Practice

The Hale Clinic, 4 Harley Street, London W1G 9PB

Tel: 07823 484989

History Behind The Renowned Hale Clinic, Harley Street, London

I’m delighted to be part of the The Hale Clinic, which offers the largest range of holistic treatments in Europe, with over 50 different therapies. It is well respected as the pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

In 1988, The Hale Clinic was officially opened by the then Prince of Wales. At the time it was the first UK-based clinic to combine conventional and complementary medicine. It wsa the vanguard of natural medicine in the UK, demonstrating the cooporation and effectiveness of natural medicine working hand-in-hand or alongside orthodox medicine.



The Hale Clinic is wihtin walking distance of many areas within the West End, W1 district.

Places such as Marylebone, Soho, Mayfair, Fitzrovia and The Regent’s Park NW1 area are all close by.

Tube Stations

Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations are within easy walking distance. This makes access from the city E1 area very accessible.

Overland Trains

Victoria Station is the nearest overland train station, which is centrally located in London.

Buses into Harley Street

The following bus routes pass close by to the Hale Clinic:

Bus: 12, 18, 390, 453, 55, 7, 98

Professional Associations & Appointments

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