Customer Feedback

General Health

“I went to see Nick because I was feeling anxious and run down. I had adrenal fatigue as well as problems with my digestion and sluggish circulatory system. Nick supplied me with the necessary tinctures and pills which have made a huge difference to my well-being. I feel so much better in myself. I’m really thankful that Nick was available if I needed to ask a question either by email or phone. Thank you Nick.”
– Jacky

“After no luck visiting my GP, I decided to try a different route to help some personal issues. Initially slightly skeptical, I was immediately put at ease and it was clear how knowledgeable and insightful Nick is about health and naturopathy. Within a couple weeks, I’d already noticed an improvement and now 3 months later it is clear the impact this has made. Would highly recommend.”
– recent client

“Nick has been a great support helping me with very unpleasant symptoms due to thyroid problems. His analysis and recommendations have helped me get back onto an even keel. His care and interest in following up consultations with assistance via email or telephone is much appreciated.”
– Chrissie

“I consider I am so fortunate to have found Nick Dale on the internet. Nick is the most wonderful Naturopath who is very experienced in his field of Alternative medicines. He is kind and gentle in his manner and takes great patient care . He is very professional and is qualified in his field and I have no doubts in recommending him to others.”
– Mary

Tiredness & Fatigue

“My neighbors will back up the success of this treatment. From someone who never stayed out after 8.30-9.00pm, I have broken all records – partying until 4am. And of more importance is spending more time at night with my son.”
– Janine

Weight Loss

“I have lost 1 stone 6lbs (9.7kg) over the last 2.5 months. Losing weight had been so difficult for the last three or so years and now it seems easy, thanks to you.  I am very grateful! Let’s hope I continue to lose some more.”
– Jan

Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia

“This has been the best week I’ve had in three years. I haven’t had any anxiety, no speeding feeling at all. I am so positive and I’m much happier. I have more energy overall.” She later wrote back saying, “I have finished the program, I had the best month in years. Completely anxiety free, sleeping well, and very happy.”
– Sophie


“So far so good with the migraines! Have had a wonderful summer where I could waterski again with no immediate migraine afterwards. Many thanks, Nick, this has made such a difference to my life. . . I’ve recently realized I no longer ‘live in fear’ of suddenly finding I have the aura at a difficult time eg school camp! may this all continue.”
– Rob

Chronic Fagigue

“I’m nervous and excited at the same time as I think I’m ready to start looking for work again. Thank you for taking the time to help me, you were my last hope and I was really beginning to think there was no answer.” – Matthew


“My son has been on your regime for 3 days – he seems far more lively and answers back a lot! He is SO high (in a happy and cheerful way) – have reduced Prozac to 0.6ml. He seems to be rather bouncy – he says he feels happier, especially at school.” – Joanne

Depression & Burnout

“This last week I went the entire week without my medication and in fact I have not felt this good in 12 to 15 years. I feel and act that much younger and that is all very much appreciated. – Brian


“I already have more energy & drive, with just three days on the program, than I’ve had in months … maybe years!” – Jackie


“My partner and I had been trying for a family for over 4 years and after 3 years we decided to try IVF, both attempts were unsuccessful. I searched for alternatives and after long and careful consideration (as there were many options) we decided to solely use Nick Dale’s natural methods. Nick advised we both needed to slightly alter our diets and take supplements and prescribed drops. Nick asked us to use these for 3 months and to visit monthly. After 2 months my partner was eager for us to try another IVF but I wanted to complete Nick’s program. After the 3 months almost to the day our dream came true and I conceived naturally. I was told this would not happen by doctors and I strongly believe it was Nick’s skilful knowledge of health and fertility that has brought my long awaited happy healthy baby into our life. At the age of 41 I had a wonderful happy and healthy pregnancy and a natural birth, I continued to seek advice from Nick and took the drops during this time. I have and will recommend Nick Dale to others. As a family we still take advice from Nick on general health.” – Nicky, Unexplained Infertility & Two Failed IVF Attempts