Naturopathy Providing Hope & Natural Interventions for Autism, PANDAS, ADHD, Skin Problems, Asthma & Developmental Delays

“Fantastic experience in helping my son with detox, mould and behaviour. It has helped massively, thanks Nick”
– Tanvi

Treating children with natural medicine is particularly well suited. It offers a real alternative for parents who want to treat their children naturally where possible.

I’ve helped many children, with wide ranging symptoms, from teething problems and OCD to autism and skin and asthma problems. Get in touch if you have concerns about your child’s health with any questions. Below are some examples of things people come to see me about.

Skin problems and asthma are common for me to see in children, and in fact are often closely linked. They are a good example of how correcting the underlying cause is essential. Such things as food intolerances, digestive health and nutritional deficiencies are key in this area.

Skin problems tend to be treated very differently by GPs and Naturopaths, and here is the short version of the story of a client of mine: Not long ago a child with eczema was brought to see me. She had been put on repeated doses of steroidal creams to get rid of the eczema. The eczema ‘appeared’ to go. However, as this happened asthma started to develop in its place, and in turn she was given further medication for this. This is simply the condition moving deeper within the body. What I did was change the girl’s diet, applied natural remedies that cleared the underlying cause, and in so doing both the asthma and eczema cleared up.

If you have a child with skin problems or asthma, please feel free to contact me and find out how I can help with this.

The treatment of Autism relies upon the clearing out of blockages, correcting nutritional deficiencies, clearing toxins, and a correct diet. Not all of these are required, but correcting the underlying cause is essential.

A number of different therapies can be applied, including Cease Therapy, nutritional and mineral therapy.

In addition, there are some tests that are invaluable when honing in on the underlying cause. Depending on the symptoms, I would look potentially at functional medicine testing, such the OAT test and GI360 stool test, and hair mineral analysis.

The diagnosis of Autism can be a shock to parents and the implications are so broad ranging and ambiguous. The way that I approach the treatment of Autism, is I look at the overall picture of the person I’m treating, rather than simply putting a broad medical label on it. It is interesting to note that symptoms of such things as Vitamin B12 deficiency can be mistaken for Autism, and also Zinc deficiency can amplify symptoms. Autism is a complex condition to treat, and rather like peeling back the layers of an onion, it is vital to work through each blockage.

There is controversy over the cause of the massive jump in the cases of autism. I believe it its a combination of nutritional deficencies, lifestyle, exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals, and whilst vaccinations are definitely not the only cause of autism (as some claim) there are a lot of unquestionable coincidences which if nothing else should raise questions.

The earlier autistic symptoms are addressed, even if there is no diagnosis, the better the outcome. However, even a teenager with Autism can be helped. But the message really is to act early if there are any concerns.

PANDAS / PANS often starts abruptly and dramatically with symptoms that can be mistaken for Autism, such as tics, OCD, compulsions, rage, anxiety and separation anxiety.

Inflammation and toxicity lies behind PANDAS/PANS. It is a complex condition, and the key to easing symptoms is to address the inflammation and target the cause.

Typical contributing factors to brain inflammation and neurotoxicity include residual STREP infections, bacteria, viruses, Candida and environmental issues, such as hidden mold.

Testing can help highlight if any of these factors are present, which can then be addressed.

Some symptoms are more likely to indicate one underlying cause over another, such as:

Sudden onset OCD is often linked to unresolved STREP.
✅  Stimming behaviour can be related to Candida overgrowth.
Aggressive behaviour can be linked to bacteria.
Lack of improvement despite good interventions can indicate environmental issues, such as mold.

With the modern testing that we have available today, it opens the door to rebalancing, targeted treatment and change for our children’s lives.

Get in touch to find out more.

I’m frequently asked about ADHD, ADD and what can be done about it naturally.

Something can be done about it without having to put our children on drugs.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is being diagnosed in up to a staggering 20% of school children. The three common issues identified are impulsiveness, being easily distracted and hyperactivity. Other key features are a child that is emotional changeability, lack of good co-ordination, short attention span, lack of organizing, perceptual motor impairment, among other things. Because there has been no definitive test for the condition, many feel it is highly over diagnosed, with dozens of completely different childhood problems lumped together under this “convenient” heading.

Underlying Cause

For many children there is an overwhelming environmental factor at play, such as dietary toxins, food additives and drugs, coupled with poor nutrition which provides little protection for the sensitive systems in the body, such as the nervous, immune and hormonal systems. Teaching methods and stresses at home can also be contributing factors.

It is worth noting too that learning disability, minimal brain dysfunction and hyperactivity have been shown to be associated with food allergies. Prenatal nutrition and toxicity also have very real affects on fetal development.

75% of children with ADHD have been shown to have blood sugar abnormalities, and this is a key area. Meanwhile, Nutrasweet and Aspartame (found in many soft drinks) are both associated with neurological side-effects.

Grape seed extract is known to help ADHD because it neutralizes many of these dangerous free radicals, and there are other natural remedies that can be specifically applied also.


A million and a half children are now taking Ritalin – a form of “Speed”. Though this “works” for several hours in 60-75% of children the side effects can include such things as a loss of several inches in height, poor appetite, insomnia, tics and personality changes, as well as other side effects. In spite of using Ritalin, the condition for two thirds of childhood ADHD sufferers persists into adulthood, so the condition is not be cured in these people. The toxic effect of drugs is another issue that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The use of Ritalin has raised concern in the medical and legal professions. Here is a quote from Health and Nursing Issues:

“A NSW Judge had slammed doctors for creating a generation of Ritalin kids now committing violent crimes and coming before courts. Judge Paul Conlon said ADHD was the most over-diagnosed condition in the community, with “naughty kids whacked” on to drugs like the powerful stimulant Ritalin. Judge Conlon said he was worried because the effect on the mental health of children who were given powerful drugs they didn’t need was unknown…”

The amount of Ritalin being prescribed is rising. In 1992 there were 11,114 prescriptions in Australia, as compared to 264,000 in 1996. There are many reasons why a child might be displaying behavioral or educational problems and rather than drugging, the real cause should be identified and addressed, such as nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, lack of exercise.

Natural Therapy

To treat behavioral problems, including ADHD, both lifestyle changes and nutritional therapy is normally recommended, as follows:-


Eliminate foods with artificial colours and flavourings. This will involve a lot of label reading and the best solution is to have a diet of fresh, unprocessed whole foods, with no junk or tinned foods.

Eliminate sugar and sugar-added foods, e.g. lollies, chocolates, cakes etc. Sugar provides no nutritional benefit at all and requires a lot of other nutrients to process it. You can substitute with dried fruits or plain fruit.

Supplement the Diet

A well balanced diet rich in nutrients is essential for brain development, particularly in young children. In fact, many children with nutrient deficiencies have significant cognitive and behavioural problems. The body requires extra nutritional tools and equipment to heal and rebalance and I recommend children supplement with specific minerals and take a homeopathic complex, Bio AI, to treat ADHD symptoms and rebalance the body. These have shown to greatly improve the symptoms.


This is important and should be undertaken daily to burn up energy, stimulate and get fresh air. Children who are inside watching TV and playing computer games for long periods of time and not exercising are much more likely to be restless and have behavioural problems.

If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD please contact me if you would like further advice or recommendations.

Developmental delays and problems in children, such as poor physical and mental development, speech, communication, social and behavioral problems, can often be addressed with natural medicines. The clearing of toxins, correction of nutritional deficiencies, and nutritional balance in the body are all areas I would focus on.

Children’s and baby’s bodies are growing rapidly, and addressing problems early on is advisable. Children respond very well to natural medicine, and it’s something that can easily be worked into their routine.

If you have any questions about your child, please contact me to find out how I can help.

Whether it be insomnia from nightmares, restlessness, not wanting to be left alone in the room, frequent waking, teething, there are effective things naturally that can be taken to help this.

Hear from my clients

“My son has been on your regime for 3 days – he seems far more lively and answers back a lot! He is SO high (in a happy and cheerful way) – have reduced Prozac to 0.6ml. He seems to be rather bouncy – he says he feels happier, especially at school.”
– Joanne

I took my ten year old son to see Nick as he was having digestive trouble, after a consultation where he made my son feel very at ease we had some treatment and I’m pleased to say its gone well, would thoroughly recommend.
– Nina

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