Why I Use Homeopathy Extensively

Gentle, Powerful, Uninvasive, Deep-Acting

Homeopathy is something I use in my practice frequently, in combination with nutritional support and herbs. I wanted to give you some more information about it, and why I feel it’s often a key component for healing.

To begin with, what’s wonderful about homeopathy is that it is gentle, powerful, uninvasive and deep acting. It works at a deep level to rebalance and trigger healing.

Longstanding & widespread usage

Homeopathy is a system of treatment founded over 200 years ago. Today it is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world. While it is most popular in India and South America, over 30 million people in Europe and millions of others around the world also benefit from its use.

Homeopathic results

A helpful way to look at the effectiveness of homeopathy is to look at its effectiveness in relation to certain conditions.


A great example of the success of homeopathy can be seen when looking at a Cholera epidemic in Ohio during this time, where only 3% of patients in the homeopathic hospital died as compared to 50% of patients in an orthodox hospital. (ref 1)


Another example is during the Spanish Flu of 1918, which killed 50-100 million people worldwide, the mortality rate of people treated with traditional medicine was 30%, compared to 1.05% of those treated homepathically. (ref 2)

Individualised treatment

A homeopath has hundreds of homeopathics to choose from for any presenting symptoms of health conditions. Unlike traditional medicine, conditions are treated holistically, taking all factors into account around a person’s physical and mental health, history, predispositions and characteristics.  For example, if you were to have high cholesterol and visit a GP, very likely you would be prescribed Statins. In contrast to this, if you visit a homeopath, they will take a great deal of time taking case notes and will address cholesterol levels by treating the whole person.

Homeopathy working alongside other natural therapies

In my practice, I combine homeopathy with naturopathic, nutritional and herbal medicine to bring about healing at multiple levels within the body. So, continuing with the subject of high cholesterol, in addition to homeopathy, I would recommend a specific diet, supplements and herbs.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy was discovered through experimentation with quinine in the treatment of malaria. Through this work, it was uncovered that ingesting regular doses of quinine produced the symptoms of malaria, although mildly. Through this work and further investigations a framework of treatment based on the law of similars (like treats like) at hugely diluted doses was borne, where the body can mount its own healing response to the the minute dosing.

The dilution and stamping of the material used in treatment is to such an extent that only the stamping or memory or vibration of the substance remains in the liquid. This has been perplexing to scientists as they are unable to see traces of the material form in the remedy itself. It is easy to assume there is nothing there, as they are not measuring vibration.

Acute & chronic conditions

Homeopathics can be used effectively to treat symptoms that have taken time to build up and are chronic, or for general rebalancing.

In addition, it can be used to help with acute conditions, such as migraines, chicken pox, fever, food poisoning, and much more.

One of my first questions in a consultation is often, when did your symptoms start? A person might tell me they fell sick after a major loss, trauma or stressful event for example. This is when I would select a homeopathic medicine to try to clear and rebalance this.

Another example is if someone has had a lot of medication or drugs and has not been well since. Again, I prescibe to help unblock and clear this. An example of this, is a lady who came to see me after being on antibiotics for years, and she had had quite severe digestive problems ever since. I selected a homeopathic remedy to clear out and rebalance from the damage.

Homeopathic methodologies

There are many schools and methodologies of homeopathic treatment. Even among homeopaths who practice a similar style, such as classical homeopathy, there are variations in style and methods. It is very normal for homeopaths to settle on their own unique combnation of methods.

I use a combination of classical, isopathy (CEASE therapy) and cell salts.

In the US, by the end of the 19th centuary there were 22 homeopathic medical schools, over 100 homeopathic hospitals and 1,000 practitioners.

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