Migraines are a Signal Your Internal Health Needs Attention

Listen to your body & get to the bottom of your migraines

“So far so good with the migraines! Have had a wonderful summer where I could waterski again with no immediate migraine afterwards. Many thanks, Nick, this has made such a difference to my life. . . I’ve recently realized I no longer ‘live in fear’ of suddenly finding I have the aura at a difficult time eg school camp! may this all continue.”

– Rob

Listen to Your Body

Interestingly, your head is very rarely the cause of the pain you experience. Furthermore, if you ignore the cause what else could it be doing in your body and what could occur in the future if we do not control it now?

The emphasis in natural medicine, is always to isolate and treat the cause, with a focus on solving the problem rather than masking it.

What’s the problem with just taking a painkiller?

Painkillers offer a quick solution to the immediate pain. Why not just take a painkiller and forget about it? After all the headache or migraine is gone!

The truth is, the pain has gone, but what of the cause? A migraine or headache can be likened to your body setting off an internal alarm to let you know something is of

What is the Root Cause Behind Migarines & Headaches?

There are really only a handful of common causes for regular headaches and migraines, which do not have serious injuries or health issues as their cause.

Common causes are:

1) Stress

2) Back and neck

3) Digestion

4) Hormonal

5) Poisoning

Indentifying the Cause

To determine the cause of a migraine it is necessary to investigate what is happening elsewhere in the body.

Iridology is very helpful at pinpointing areas of inflammation in the body that can result in headaches and migraines.

A consultation is also a great way to hone in further. A discussion about digestion, menstrual cycles, and other problem areas can often be iplicatied. In addition, details, such as which part of the head is hurting will help isolate the cause. Certain areas of the head map specifically to the liver, gallbladder and bowels, which will guide me to enquire further about the functioning of these areas.

The Digestive System

The digestive system is one of the most common causes behind migraines. Most often this is due to leaky gut. This is where toxins leak from an overworked or poorly working bowel into the bloodstream reentering the body and rising up to the head causing headaches, but also skin problems and sinus congestion. This is not only with constipated people, but often with people who move their bowel’s at least once a day.

The causes of the bowel allowing these toxins to re-enter the body are quite numerous, but most common are:

The body is an engine and like any machine if it is not given the tools and equipment it needs it will break down and not work as efficiently as it ought to.

Migraines and headaches present in many forms. These include classic migraines (migraines with aura), silent migraines, migraines with vomiting, tension headaches, cluster headaches and more.

Have a look at this Gut Health Check List to see if this may relate to you.

Treating Migraines

Once a person has developed a pattern for headaches and migraines, it’s important to determine what the underlying cause is.

This is then treated with natural medicine targetting the cause as well as alleviating symptoms.

Hear from my clients

“Knowledgeable and approachable naturopathic doctor. Having suffered for several years from migraine headaches, anxiety and depressive disorders and not seeing much progress under conventional medicine, I decided to see him. The herbal remedies and supplements that he provided have resulted in significant improvement in my conditions. He’s experienced in this field and has been able to connect the dots to provide a good treatment plan. I appreciate his taking into account the cost of the remedies and only prescribed what was necessary for the maximum gain.“

– Fahim Abdul

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