How to Correct a Predisposition to Weight Gain

Correcting metabolism & underlying predispositions to weight gain is a key step in aiding with weight loss

Identify Predisposing Factors to Weight Problems is Key

With a Naturopathic consultation we can identify if there are any predisposing factors, which make it harder to lose weight and keep the weight off. Correcting underlying metabolic and fatigue problems before trying to lose weight will bring about a much more fruitful result.

Tiredness and difficulty losing weight go hand-in-hand

Many people come to see me with difficulties losing weight.  Feeling tired and having a poor metabolism are quite closely linked to each other and will contribute to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight, so these areas are essential to address before trying to go cold turkey on a diet (excuse the pun!) Such underlying factors can be picked up with iridology.

I have met hundreds of people in consultation whose diets are often excellent and should be resulting in them losing weight, yet because of fatigue and poor metabolism the body is unable to burn off existing weight. Correcting energy levels and poor metabolism is relatively simple and is something I can help you with.


The other key thing with weight loss is that sugar, not fats is really the problem. Sugar converts to fat in the body. Classic examples of sugary foods are chocolate, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits.


The other key type of food that will contribute to weight gain and which develops into fat are the carbohydrates, such as bread, potato, pasta, rice, cereals, root vegetables, and any kind of food with a starchy texture. Carbohydrate is another word for sugar.

In a typical western diet we tend to eat too many carbs, in fact every meal often contains them. There is nothing actually wrong with carbohydrates, they have been part of the staple diet around the world for thousands of years, but when trying to lose weight this is the wrong food to have lots of.

Why are fats not such a problem?

The simple equation with weight loss is to put less energy into the body than the body is actually burning up. If this is done weight loss can occur. This is why fats are not such a problem as they can be metabolized, broken down and eliminated from the body.

Cutting Out Carbs & Fatigue

Eliminating carbs from the diet can result in physical fatigue, so a busy Mum for example is going to need some carbs to keep the body’s engine turning over and to help keep fatigue at bay.

Example of how to eat for weight loss

The idea is to work out a diet where you are not having too much carbohydrate in your diet. An example of this would be to have for breakfast no cereal, porridge, or toast and to have instead to have something like a couple of eggs or yogurt with nuts and fruit for example. Lunch could be some cold meats, fish (tinned fish is not recommended more than once a week) with vegetables or salad. Dinner could then include some carbohydrate, along with some grilled fish or meat and salad. In the day you can have snacks such as cold meats, fruit and nuts (but not bananas as they are high in carbohydrate).


The key word here is balance. And you can alternate when you have carbohydrates and how much you have from day to day so that you find something that suits you. Finding a balance where you are having enough carbs in your diet so that you are not feeling physically weak but so you are also losing weight is the key. If you find yourself getting hungry this is a sign your body will actually start to burn up fat, and it’s one of those things which can go along with weight loss. However you can mitigate this by having healthy snacks and filling up on non-sugary foods and low carb foods so that you can lose weight as comfortably as possible.

Reversing weight gain

Losing weight is harder to do than gaining weight, because you are having to reverse the weight gain. Once someone is at a weight they are happy with maintaining this weight level is a lot easier.

There is no real quick fix, magic potion that a person can take to lose weight while at the same time carrying on the lifestyle which contributed to the weight gain in the first place.

A physical trainer makes no bones about the hard work that can be required to lose weight. A lot of the products which are available in healthfood stores can provide an extra shoulder behind the wheel, but it still requires discipline and dietary changes to lose the weight.

It should not be forgotten though that to correct underlying metabolic and fatigue problems before trying to lose weight will bring about a much more fruitful result.


Here is a typical example of someone who came to see me. This lady was in her late 30s and had been trying to lose weight for several months. While on a very strict diet, she had noticed she had lost some weight, but the amount of effort she needed to put into it was too draining on her as she was working and looking after a family.

An iridology session revealed an underactive thyroid and a nervous system that was operating at about 70% of its potential. These two factors combined meant that the food she was eating was not being correctly burnt up by the body, but was being stored in the body as fat.

She had in fact had a thyroid blood test analysis at her doctor’s, which had not picked this up, this is because blood levels fluctuate throughout the day and it can be easily missed with blood tests.

I recommended some minerals and homeopathics to help with building up the thyroid and increasing her metabolism and to restore her nervous system. This built her energy levels up, increasing them from 70% to about 85%, with the first course of remedies.

With some simple dietary steps to avoid sugar and carbohydrates in her diet and a combination of the natural remedies she soon started to lose weight a lot more easily and after just a few days contacted me to let me know that she was moving weight more efficiently at a new level.

I continued to work with her and she reached her ideal weight after a couple of months, and from there is finding it relatively straightforward to maintain by sticking to a few simple steps.

Hear from my clients

“I have lost 1 stone 6lbs (9.7kg) over the last 2.5 months. Losing weight had been so difficult for the last three or so years and now it seems easy, thanks to you.  I am very grateful! Let’s hope I continue to lose some more.”
– Jan

“I recommend Naturopath Nick Dale to everyone who wants to improve their health and well being. I suffer with chronic disease: under active thyroid and autoimmune disease: Hashimoto. I gained 30kgs and suffered with brain fog and fatigue. Thanks to Nick’s help I feel 100 times better , I lost weight and I am able to concentrate and enjoy my life. Nick is very professional and caring. He has got great people’s skills and broad knowledge,he made me feel welcome, listened to all my concerns and answered my questions in depth.”
– Magda

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