Nutritional Medicne for Living Your Best Life

Many Illnesses Can Be Avoided & Healed with Optimum & Targetted Nutrition

Nutritional therapy starts with a healthy diet. But that is just the beginning.

Diet in itself case can be an effective treatment for illness, especially when removing from the diet foods which are detrimental, toxic or which cannot be tolerated (as in an allergy or sensitivity, eg gluten, dairy.)

In the majority of cases this means following a common sense and healthy diet, without needing to be overly restrictive and strict. For example a typical diet might be, avoiding processed foods, junk foods, and having a healthy diet of fresh including wholesome, protein, vegetables, fruits and clean water.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional deficiencies are rife today. Doctors are now often testing patients for Vitamin D, Iron, Folate deficiencies, amongst others.

The nutritional quality of our food is not as it used to be. This is because of farming methods lengthy storage times in particularly. It is interesting to note that recent research showed that within 24 hours of fruits and vegetables being picked in some cases they lost up to 50% of their nutritional quality. Supermarkets regularly store “fresh foods” for days, weeks, and even months, before they reach the shelves.

Poor diets, often high in sugar, leech nutrition from the body rather than building it up. A common problem today is over-feeding but under-nourishment.

Vitamins and minerals play a constructive role in addressing many health complaints, such as helping to protect against toxins, eg mercury, aluminium, lead, and other environmental toxins. An example of this deficiency is Zinc. A recent quote from Professor Derek Bryce-Smith, Professor of Organic Medicine at Reading University, states

” If a new drug had been found with this broad range of properties, it would have been hailed as the discovery of the century.”

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