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Take Control of Your Health

Are You Dealing With a Chronic Health Problem?

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Are you frustrated with not getting better?

My goal as a Naturopath is to help you achieve optimum health and vitality through natural medicine, such as nutritional, herbal and homeopathic medicine. Above are examples of typical conditions people come to see me with, but there are many more as everyone is unique. You are always welcome to call first with any questions about your personal health situation to see how I can help.

Why Choose Naturopathy?

A Combination of Natural Medicine:
Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs, Iridology

Naturopathy is an noninvasive, natural method of healing

It’s based on:

Prevention is preferable to cure

The root cause of dysfunction is identified & treated, not the symptoms

The whole person is treated, not the disease

These are the most basic differences between a Naturopathic approach and that of conventional medicine.

Naturopathy is an umbrella term for a variety of natural therapies, which can be used in combination or individually, depending on a person’s needs. It’s philosophy is based on addressing both symptoms and more importantly the underlying causes.  The emphasis is on directing and controlling health into the future, while improving the overall vitality of a person and immune response.

Symptoms are a reflection of a disordered overall system. Balance and equilibrium are the goals of Naturopathy. An example of this could be chronic migraines, or a skin condition such as chronic eczema. These are often symptoms of a deeper condition. Headaches and migraines are rarely caused by the head, but are so often related to digestive, hormonal, stress, or neck and back problems.

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Call me to find out how I can help with your health & to ask any questions

Call 01379 308707

Customer Experiences

Nick Dale, Naturopath
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Snezana Aleksovska
Very good approach and thorough assessment and very successful in threatening illnesses.Recommend .10 out of10
Kim Tottman
Nick treated me for a bacterial and fungal overgrowth. When I came to see Nick I was very unwell and had not managed to get any help from traditional doctors other than tablets to suppress symptoms. I felt extremely worried about my health until I met with Nick who told me exactly what was wrong with me and over 10 months he worked with me to heal my overgrowth with herbs and remedies. I could contact Nick whenever I needed to and he was extremely patient and helpful. The healing process was not an easy one but I am doing really well now and have my life back, priceless. I will always be thankful that I found Nick.
Nina Carr
I took my ten year old son to see Nick as he was having digestive trouble, after a consultation where he made my son feel very at ease we had some treatment and I'm pleased to say its gone well, would thoroughly recommend.
Tania Lara De Aquino
I recommend Nick to anyone suffering from any illness. Nick looks at a person as a whole( mind and body) and this is undoubtedly important to regain balance. He has excellent people skills and listens to your concerns. I have seen results within a month in my energy levels and I could not be more grateful.
Jane Grafham
Amazing man with a heart of gold, he actually helps with what ever U have going on. I swear by this man.
Magda Siwiec
I recommend Naturopath Nick Dale to everyone who wants to improve their health and well being. I suffer with chronic disease: under active thyroid and autoimmune disease: Hashimoto. I gained 30kgs and suffered with brain fog and fatigue. Thanks to Nick's help I feel 100 times better , I lost weight and I am able to concentrate and enjoy my life.Nick is very professional and caring. He has got great people's skills and broad knowledge,he made me feel welcome, listened to all my concerns and answered my questions in depth.
Dominique Goodin
Three years ago I began to experience pain when I swallowed and pain in my stomach. I went to see my doctor who thought it was an ulcer and sent me for a scan. I was told there was nothing wrong. The pain went on for another eighteen months and began to really concern me as repeat trips to the doctor did not help at all and made me feel uncomfortable as I seemed to be continually having to go back. Then I saw Nick and he spent time talking to me and finding out my concerns and really put me at ease. Through the iridology he told me it was not ulcers but gall bladder problems. He prescribed me some natural medicines which completely cured me of that problem and I have not had the pain return. I have also been treated for general tiredness connected to the menopause which also really helped. I would highly recommend him and know others who have greatly benefited through his help. He also keeps his clients up to date with the latest health news and topics by email which are also helpful and extremely interesting.
Jan Scott
This time last year, I was constantly exhausted and struggling with pain. I couldn't lose weight even when I tried hard. My digestive system wasn't functioning properly. My brain was foggy and I struggled to concentrate, memory was poor. GP sent me for various tests that always came back negative. I'd had chronic fatigue in the past that never completely went away. I felt like a lost cause.What a difference a year makes . . . and it is all thanks to Nick and naturopathy. He listened and gave me a mixture of vitamins and remedies, personalised for my needs. I now eat a gluten free diet, have more energy and feel more like the old me. Oh and I have lost 2.5 stones. If you are wondering if naturopathy works, I can tell you it does, and Nick has years of experience to help you.Thank you so much Nick.
Catherine Price
Nick was wonderful. He made me feel relaxed and welcome. He listened to all my concerns and answered my questions in depth. He explained fully what our session would entail which put me at ease. Nick provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan and prescription. I came away from my appointment filled with optimism for the future.
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