Iridology: An Uninvasive, Comprehensive Whole-Body Healh Test in London

Uncover why you are unwell, by assessing your strengths, weaknesses, inflammation levels, toxicity, dysfunction and underactivity with iridology

What is iridology?

Iridology is the study of the iris in order to understand the health and inner workings of the whole body.

The body is mapped in detail onto the iris, in a similar way to the body being mapped onto the feet and hands for reflexology. Furthermore, it is in these precise locations on the iris that inflammation, inherent weaknesses and strengths, imbalances and certain manifestations – including their stage of development, are revealed.

Iridology Assessment

Below are some examples of how iridology helpes to uncover the underlying cause of health conditions.

In 90% of people I see, their nervous system is rundown, and I can see this through examining the iris. This affects a person’s health in many ways. Examples are fatigue, mental health, digestion and horonal imbalance, as well as many more. An anecdotal example, is of a gentleman who came to see me with heart palpitations. The area in the iris representing the nervous system indicated that it was impacting the heart and palpitations. In this particuar case, rather than treating the heart, the emphasis was put on the nervous system and the palpitations cleared.

Adrenal weakness can have broad repercussions throughout a person’s physical and mental health, eg hormal and blood sugar balance. When the adrenals kick into overdrive it’s really helpful to know what is causing this and the ripple affect across a person’s health. Iridology allows us to see this and apply a targetted program to correct this.

Iridology can identify leaky gut, which contributes to an array of health issues. What’s more, it can also point out how this is affecting the body, whether it be headaches and migraines, skin problems, UTIs, or respiratory problems. Here is an example, I did an iridology health check on a lady who was experiencing intersitital cystitis. I could clearly see on her iris that the leaky gut was flowing toxins to the bladder area. Rather than focusing on the bladder, the priority was to heal the leaky gut, as well as following a specific program, and with this approach we were able to bring about healing of this stubborn and difficult condition.

Blood tests for thryoid function are notoriously unreliable and inaccurate. This is because hormonal levels fluctuate and readings will vary. Iridology provides an alternative way to assess thyroid function. Furthermore, it helps to isolate the reasons behind the thyroid problems occuring in the first place. For example, 60-70% of thyroid problems are contributed to by poor liver and gallbladder function. Iridology will pickup if this is a contributing factor, so that the cause can be addressed, as well as strengthening and rebalancing thyroid function.

I treat many people with chronic fatigue and there is a common theme with this, which is the involvement of lymphatic congestion. This is something that is easily picked up in iridology. Congested lymphatics can often lie behind other conditions too, or exacerbate them. Detoxing and draining lymphatics can be an important and helpful step when it shows up in iridology.

Fertility problems can be very stressful and a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” is very common. Iridology can help us to see what is going on inside the reproductive area in a unique way. It is not uncommon for me to see conegsted ovaries in cases of fertility problems, which can then be remedied with natural medicine. There are other indicators that iridology will also pick up, from digetsive issues to hormonal problems.

If someone is hypoglycaemic this can be detected through iridology. Blood sugar is important to have under control, because if out of balance it can contribute to insulin resistance, weight gain, sleep problems, inflammation, PCOS, mood problems, and more.

Iridology is really helpful at picking up gallbladder and liver congestion. The knock-on effect of problems from these areas can lead to thyroid problems, metabolism digestive problems, as well as many other things in the body.

Difficulty losing weight often means that there are areas of the body that are underperforming and under stress. Iridology can help to pick out these contributing factors, which can include blood sugar problems, gallbladder and liver function, lympahtics congestion, thyroid function and the nervous system.

Circulatory and cholesterol probelms can be picked up with iridology, as well as an indicator of heart health.

With iridology we can see inflammation and congestion in the brain, and very often the source of it. Conditions linked with this range from Alzheimer’s and dementia to autism and behavioural problems.

Iridology is a very useful tool in helping to pinpoint the underlying causes of health problems. When people come to see me in London at my practice, it is included as part of the consultation because I find it so useful.

Simple, Quick, Uninvasive

I carry out an iridology test at the start of most consultations I do, as it’s such a useful way to identify problems underlying symptoms and health conditions. What’s more, it’s quick, simple and uninvasive.

It is a diagnostic tool started by German Doctors last century. Since then, it has become a popular tool used by Naturopathic practitioners to help identify the location of inflammation, weaknesses, and toxicity in the body.

As you can see from the picture of the iris, sections have been identified as representative of body parts and systems.

After seeing tens of thousands of irises, these Doctors identified and put together a system known as iridology, or eye diagnosis.

Iridology Chart

If you have any questions related to iridology or how Naturopathy can help you – please get in touch.