Testing to Isolate the Underlying Cause

Pinpointing why symptoms and illhealth has developed is the cornerstone of Naturopathy and opens the door to healing

Lab tests that can easily be prepared at home offer a deeper understanding of more exactly what is behind specific health conditions and symptoms.

Iridology is a simple test that I carry out in most consultations, that gives vital insight into the areas of the body causing problems.

Hair analysis is a useful test to measure for toxic heavy metals in the body and trace elements.

Hear from my clients

I can’t express my admiration for Nick Dale enough. Working with Nick has been one of my life’s most empowering health experiences. Nick used non-intrusive testing techniques to provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of imbalances in my body’s interconnected health systems.

He showed me how to simply address those imbalances with diet, minerals, and vitamins instead of the usual pharmaceutical medications, which often have more side effects than impact.

Nick’s ability to spot subtle patterns when interpreting test results frequently left me in awe. It showed me the importance of working with a practitioner who has a wide breadth of knowledge; no question I had was ever left unanswered. Nick is just what I consider to be a wonderful human being. I enjoyed every conversation we shared; I felt heard and unjudged, and I could feel a deep sense of compassion and hope driving his professional approach. Booking a session with Nick is one of the best gifts you could give yourself or someone else that you care about.

– Apphia

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