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Nick has spoken on BBC Radio Suffolk about such subjects as Vitamin D, vegan diets, Rosemary, kitchen herbs, and more.

Disease Prevention

BBC Radio Suffolk: Interview with Mark Murphy & Nick Dale

(Monday 5, November | 9-9.30am)

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Herrings & their Health Benefits

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I want to bring in Nick Dale from Bloom Natural Health in Eye, our Resident Nutritionist. We have herring here in the  studio, it’s turned into kippers, how good is the herring for us?

There’s a whole range of nutritional benefits actually, they are packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals, and also very importantly Omega 3 fatty acids, which are really beneficial for a number of health problems, but just for general good health as well.

So, should we be eating more of them as a nation Nick?

Absolutely, I think we should be eating more oily fish, and herring are a good oily fish and they are, as I say, very nutritional. In the olden days we used to eat a lot more, and for some reason we eat less these days. There are lots of benefits, they are high in protein, the Omega 3 fatty acids, which is a type of fat which is very beneficial as an anti inflammatory, for circulatory and heart health. There’s been research done about them to show that they can help with things like depression memory and kids with ADHD and this sort of stuff.

Wow so nothing a herring can’t do!

Well, also rich in vitamins and minerals, rich in iodine which is very helpful for good thyroid health. And B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, they are really packed full of goodies.

I have a real thing at the moment about vitamin D because I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency In February last year and was on some high dosage from the GP and since then I take vitamin D very regularly and swear by it. Touch wood I’ve had very good health throughout the winter when lots of people around me were falling down with stuff, I managed to cope and cope very well. I put that down to my vitamin D, a lot of that which we are short of these days because we don’t get s much sun because we cover up a lot more, but we could get that from oily fish.