Why Should I See a Naturopath?

Give your body the tools & vitality it needs to reignite its innate ability to heal itself

My goal as a Naturopath is to return balance and equilibrium to your health. A key part of this process is to identify imbalances and areas of weakness in a person’s health. Further to this, isolating the underlying cause of specific health problems is also a vital step. I use Iridology, functional testing and hair analysis as a diagnostic tool to identify what is happening in the body. With this information, we can focus on addressing underlying causes of health problems, which in turn helps a person return to optimum health.

As a Naturopath, I am a Nutritionist, Homeopath, & Herbalist

In your consultation, there are several areas we will look at. I will prepare a personalized program for you, which will involve removing barriers to good health, nourishing the body with what it needs, as well as rebalancing and strengthening specific areas of your health. In addition, specific health problems will be addressed directly with natural medicine.

Employing the healing power of nature

Naturopathy is a system which uses natural medicines, such as herbs, nutritional medicine, mineral therapy, diet and homeopathy. This is quite different from the approach used in conventional medicine, where drugs are often used to suppress and manage symptoms. The goal with a Naturopath is to locate the cause of health problems and correct them with natural medicine, allowing a person to naturally heal.

When I see a person presenting with a particular health condition, my aim is to treat the whole person, in order to allow healing to take place. If the underlying cause of a problem is treated successfully, many other symptoms can often disappear too. For example, a person who is exhausted and suffering from Chronic Fatigue, may also be experiencing depression, anxiety and weight problems. By addressing the cause of the Chronic Fatigue, they may find that these other areas greatly improve at the same time.

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