Why Choose Naturopathy?

A Combination of Natural Medicine:
Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs, Iridology

Naturopathy is simply a method of healing & addressing one’s health through natural means. It is based on:

– Prevention is preferable to cure

– The root cause of dysfunction is identified & treated, not the symptoms

– The whole person is treated, not the disease

These are the most basic differences between a Naturopathic approach and that of orthodox medicine. You are welcome to call with any questions you have and to find out more.

Naturopathy Simply Means Treatment of Ill-health Naturally and Through Natural Means

It is an umbrella term for a variety of natural therapies, which can be used in combination or individually, depending on a person’s needs.

Naturopathic philosophy is based on focusing on both a person’s symptoms and more importantly the underlying causes, with the aim of improving the overall vitality of a person and immune response. The emphasis is on directly and controlling health into the future.

Symptoms are a reflection of a disordered overall system. Balance and equilibrium are the goals of Naturopathy. An example of this could be chronic migraines, or a skin condition such as chronic eczema. These are often symptoms of a deeper condition. Headaches and migraines are rarely caused by the head, but are so often related to digestive, hormonal, stress, or neck and back problems.

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