Is Your Gut Affecting Your Health

When gut health is compromised it can have a domino affect across our health, often without obvious symptoms and impacting multiple areas of our life

Bowel health is something I talk about a lot because it’s such a frequent underlying cause or contributing factor behind so many health problems; it can’t be over emphasised. For example, headaches, skin problems, urinary tract issues, sinus problems and more are often related. 70% of our immune system is tied up with the gut bacteria, so when this is out of balance it has a ripple affect.

I’ve put together a questionnaire below. It’s worth noting that anybody can have some of these occassionally, such as a headache or upset tummy, but when symptoms become troublesome or chronic, and where you notice two or more, it is a good idea to address your gut health.

Gut Heath Checklist

  1. Do you experience constipation often?
  2. Do you experience diarrhoea otten?
  3. Do you have IBS (swings between constipation and loose bowels)?
  4. Do you experience uncomfortable or frequent burping?
  5. Do you have excessive wind?
  6. Do you experience bloating or abdominal pain?
  7. Have you taken antibiotics before?
  8. Have you had food poisoning before?
  9. Have you had a bowel infection before, such as C. Diff?
  10. Do you have skin problems?
    1. Acne
    2. Rosacea
    3. Dermatitis
    4. Psoriasis
    5. Eczema
  11. Do you experience regular headache issues?
  12. Do you have recurrent or chronic urinary tract issues?
  13. Do you have fungal or Candida issues?
  14. Do you have trouble with Bacterial Vaginosis?

Natural medicine is a wonderful way to help rebalance and correct bowel health. There are a wide range of targeted and specific probiotics, as well as antifungals, antibacterials and herbs to sooth and health the gut wall.

Iridology is useful for picking up issues with the digestive tract, and in some cases further testing, such as a stool test, can be benefiial.

Please get in touch if you would like any help in these areas.