80% of the people that come and see me have a rundown nervous system

It is without doubt one of the most common things I diagnose with iridology and in a consultation.

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The reason why it is so important is because it is the communication system of the body – quite similar to the wiring that exists in any machine. When the nervous system gets rundown it acts in a sponge-like way soaking up and robbing energy from other parts of the body.

Conversely, when we don’t have a rundown nervous system energy and vitality can flow throughout the body – aiding all the parts of the body to which it is communication with. This includes digestion, circulation, endocrine system and of course and probably most importantly how we feel mentally.

Signs of Rundown Nervous System

A rundown nervous system can affect each and every one of us in a different way, but the most common are complaints of fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, irritability, lack of motivation, poor mental clarity and concentration (mental fog). In fact, it has an insidious nature with knock on affects across other parts of the body, which are not so obviously related to the nervous system, such as digestive disorders, acid reflux, constipation, and many more. In such cases, the immediate assumption can be made by practitioners that the problem lies in these specific parts of the body, yet correcting the nervous system as the underlying cause can sometimes be a simple answer, especially when other signs of a rundown nervous system are present.

What Causes a Rundown Nervous System?

There are two basic causes:

  1. Poor nutritional status:
    Often people say to me, “I eat well, don’t eat junk food, why am i rundown and feel this way?” one of the problems with our food these days is that it contains about 60% less nutritional value that of our grandparents. Another factor affecting nutritional status is our ability to absorb nutrients out of our food. Today, generally we eat far more sugar and take a lot more pharmaceutical medicines, such as antibiotics and painkillers, than our predecessors, and these are just two examples of how nutrient absorption is affected. Higher quantities of stimulants, such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, can further drain the body of nutrients. Alcohol also has a depleting affect on our nutritional status. Many factors weave together to determine how much nutrition we absorb from our food. So even if you decide to eat a healthy, organic diet, if you digestive system is not absorbing the nutrients efficiently much of the goodness will be lost. So this is often an area that needs addressing too.
  2. Stress:
    High levels of stress, emotional trauma, and other mental demands, drain the nervous system. (Of course there can be other factors to take into account when looking at how someone is feeling emotionally, such as adrenal fatigue or thyroid conditions.)

The problem can seem like the chicken and the egg scenario, whereby emotional problems can cause a rundown nervous system, in the same way that a rundown nervous system can cause emotional problems.

Nutrition to Help Boost the Nervous System

Diet of course will play a key role in ensuring your body has the nutritional tools and equipment it needs to operate optimally, this is despite the quality of food not being as it used to be.  Boosting your nervous system with some of the following foods is a good place to start:

  • Avocados

  • Acorn squash

  • Bananas

  • Spinach

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Almonds

  • Dried pumpkin seeds

  • Swiss chard

There are varying degrees of a rundown nervous system, and I find that supplementing with key nutrients is usually also necessary – contact me to find out what specifically you need as this will vary from person to person, depending on one’s needs and what medication a person may be on.