Start the Day with this Healthy Breakfast Recipe

It’s very easy to dismiss breakfast as being unimportant. However, directing your health into the future hinges on your daily eating and lifestyle habits, and this starts with what you do first thing in the morning.

For many years I’ve been trying to work out what is an ideal breakfast, not only for me, but also my clients. I know so many just reach for a cup of coffee (caffeine), a piece of toast with jam (sugar), cereals (more sugar) and maybe an orange juice as they race out the door. Or very commonly, people have nothing at all. This is often worse as it can result in no food going into your system between dinner the previous night and lunch the next day (as much as 16-17 hours with no food.) This long gap with no food results in  blood sugar swings. These blood sugar swings can have a number of effects, such as difficulty sleeping at night, tiredness after eating meals, adrenaline when we don’t need it, and more.

Breakfast Recipe

Try a blend of two raw good quality eggs, unprocessed coconut milk, banana. To this you can add a protein powder ( whey does contain lactose or you could try a pea protein), such things as chia seeds, flaxseed, or anything else that you like, such as other fruits (eg berries). This combination will give you healthy fats and good protein. You can also add some turmeric paste for extra benefits. If you are trying to lose weight I don’t suggest you add the banana, as it is high carbohydrate. The great thing about a breakfast like this is that generally it should keep hunger away until lunch time as well as providing a nutritious start to the day.

I suggest using a hand blender to mix it altogether, as this is easy to wash afterwards, and will make the process simple.

If you can start your day with exercise, followed by breakfast all the better. Going for a 30 minute walk is fine. I appreciate this is not always possible.

Small, meaningful changes to your daily routine, can have a profound effect. And starting your day like this is a great habit to get into.

If you have any questions please let me know – I’m always very interested to hear about how things are going.

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