Does WiFi Cause Cancer & Other Serious Health Problems?

What’s the Truth About WiFi, EMFS & Our Health?

There has been a lot of controversy for many years about wireless technologies, the microwave radiation they emit and the potentially severe impact on our health. It is still too early to know the full health impact, but evidence is coming together showing this is a problem gathering pace. More research is needed, but taking precautions and simply turning your WiFi off at night or keeping your devices in airplane mode, you are at the very least giving your body a break from wireless radiation. Below there are more simple steps you can follow.

Mobile phones

The most worrying devices emitting wireless radiation are those held closest to our body, such as mobile phone devices. What’s more, the younger generation will often have these turned on 24/7, sleeping with them by their bed or under their pillow, continually emitting microwaves. If you read the fine print you will see there are guidelines from manufacturers for how mobile phones should be safely used. They have to conform to guidelines from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) about the maximum amount of exposure permitted from their device, and they will state a distance to keep the device away from your body, for example this might be 1cm. This means that if you are carrying it in your shirt pocket, or tucking it into your bra it’s likely too close to your body and this is breaching the safety guidelines on the product. A simple precaution is to try and find another way of carrying your device.

As long ago as 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, linked with the World Health Organization, labelled mobile phones a Group 2B “possible carcinogen.”

It’s hard to get away from the multitude of devices in our homes, from mobile phones, WiFi routers, cordless telephones, smart metres, baby monitors and other wireless devices, all of which are emitting microwave radiation.

Anecdotally, as an example, I turn off the WiFi in our house at night. The first time we did it, I immediately noticed an improvement in how well and deeply my children slept at night, and indeed myself.

Tips to minimize your exposure to EMF

  • Turn WiFi off at night and when not in use.
  • Don’t carry a mobile phone on your person, eg pocket, bra, etc.
  • When in use put on the loud speaker where possible, to avoid pressing the phone to your head.
  • Put your mobile phone and laptop into airplane mode when possible.
  • Don’t put a laptop directly on your lap.
  • Opt for hard wired options.
  • Be aware of where your power board is in your house or office. I know of one instance a client of mine with insomnia moved the position of her bed that was close to an external power board and immediately her sleep improved.
  • Use a battery powered clock by your bed.
  • Don’t use a microwave oven.
  • Avoid fluorescent light as these will actually transfer current to your body.
  • Children are more susceptible. One study in the US involving 13,000 mothers revealed that children exposed to EMF’s as compared to those not exposed, had a 49% increase in behavioral problems, 35% increase in hyperactivity and 25% increase in emotional issues.

There are homeopathic remedies that help clear build up and damage these microwaves can cause as well as other natural remedies.

Optimising mitochondria function

Mitochondria are the part of the cell where our basic life requirements, air and food, are combined to make energy. The mitochondria are vital to nearly every biochemical reaction and cellular process in your body.

The scientific evidence is showing that wireless radiation damages the mitochondria of our cells. These mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells producing about 90% of the energy in our body. What’s more, it is increasingly becoming apparent that the health and dysfunction of the mitochondria is closely tied with most chronic disease. Therefore, anything that damages our mitochondria should be minimized or avoided altogether. Brain cancer, heart disease, infertility problems and neurological diseases are things that I would expect to see increasing in years to come. Click here and here for findings from recent research.

Looking after and optimising mitochondrial health is a really impoortant step in protecting your health generally. Intermittent fasting, Omega 3s, alpha-lipoic-acid, vitamin D, exercise, heat such as saunas, a nutritionally dense diet, stress reduction and sleep are all things that can potentially help to strengthen the mitochondria.