Impacts of adrenal fatigue are far reaching and can affect both how we function physically and how we feel emotionally

Identifying and correcting adrenal fatigue prior to it causing broad negative affects in the body is strongly advisable and quite simple to do.

Examples of how adrenal fatigue can affect us are:

  • Contributing to blood sugar swings
    This in itself can cause sleep problems, anxiety, tiredness, and more
  • Disrupt hormonal levels
    For example excess adrenal cortisone will interrupt and reduce progesterone function, in turn affecting hormonal balance, and such things as PCOS and infertility can result.
  • Can open the door to anxiety, depression and irritability
  • Fatigue (both physical and mental) 
    Fatigue is a very common side effect to adrenals being rundown.
  • Lowered immune function
    Excess cortisol, the hormone produced by the adrenals during stress, has been shown to affect lymphocyte numbers – thus affecting the immune system. This in turn can allow things like Candida to flourish, as well as problems with colds and flus, cold sores, etc
  • Other association symptoms can include
    Low body temperature, hair loss, excessive hunger/weight gain, heart palpitations, sugar cravings, low libido, bone loss, inflammation, allergies, and more

There can be other causes of the symptoms listed above. Call me to discuss any concerns that you have so that the right areas can be addressed.

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