Easy, Delicious, Nutrient-Dense, Lunch Recipe

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Powerhouse Soup Recipe

Make the switch to a healthy lunch


It’s so easy to grab a sandwich or sausage roll at lunch time, especially with our busy lives and eating on the run.

The problem with this is that consuming too many wrong types of sugars and carbs is not good for us, since it adds to inflammation, congestion in the body and can affect weight. What’s more, having such lunches displaces much healthier alternatives.

If you can make a switch to healthy lunches, it’s just another nudge redirecting your health into the future.

For example a soup based on bone broth, which is an excellent way to boost digestion, brain health and immunity, is an ideal lunch. Bone broth is a wonderful remedy in its own right, packed with nutrients, amino acids, collagen and gelatin. Combining the broth with turmeric, chili, vegetables and coconut oil makes a wonderful elixir or tonic for the system. When we prepare a meal, such as this, every ingredient is health-promoting and we are not filling up on empty calories or un-nutritious and potentially damaging foods.

With a little bit of planning we can turn our lunches in a powerhouse of nutrition.

My favourite thing to have for lunch, because I know how nourishing and revitalizing it is, is homemade soup. You can cook a big batch of soup and freeze it into portion sizes, and then just heat it up as you need it.

The basis of a healthy soup is good quality, homemade bone broth or vegetable stock. Click here for how to make bone broth and to find out more information on why it is so important for our health.



Bone broth
7 carrots roughly chopped (you can use other vegetables, such as pumpkin or butternut squash)
½ cauliflower roughly chopped
2 leeks roughly chopped
1 large onion diced
5 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 teaspoon of turmeric
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 dried birds eye chilli (more to taste)
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
Sea salt to taste


  1. Melt coconut oil in a large saucepan.
  2. Add garlic, leeks and onion and cook on a medium heat until soft.
  3. Add carrots, cauliflower or any preferred vegetables and stir into the mixture briefly.
  4. Add turmeric and black pepper and stir briefly.
  5. Pour in the broth so that it covers the vegetables well, put the lid on, and turn heat down so that the soup is simmering. Allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes, until the vegetables are soft.
  6. Take off the heat and blend with a blending stick.

The beauty of this recipe, is that you can adjust it as you like, swap and change ingredients, but always using a healthy broth as a base. Cooking from scratch can seem demanding, but once you get into the swing of it, it is fun and so rewarding. What’s more, cooking in large batches means you’ll have plenty of healthy meals stacked up in the freezer.

As always if you have any questions about your health please write to me and I’m very happy to call you back.