Find Out Why You’re Not Losing Weight Easily?

So many people come to see me with the problem of not losing weight despite hard work, going to the gym, and following a diet. Frustration is the result. What many people aren’t aware of, is that when weight is not coming off as expected there could well be an underlying factor getting in the way.

Struggling to lose weight

There are a number of key body functions listed below that need to be working well to help maintain or attain normal weight. When they are out of balance or not operating well, weight loss is so much harder. Understanding these can make a massive difference to weight loss but are seldom mentioned by Doctors and weight loss organizations.

1) Bile and liver function

Bile is produced by the liver and released from the Gall Bladder into the digestive tract. It helps us digest and breakdown fats as well as acting as a laxative and transporting waste and toxins from the body. Insufficient bile production will make it harder to lose weight. I find that the gall bladder will almost always be an issue where weight loss is difficult. It contributes to hypothyroidism,  constipation,  hormonal imbalance and weight gain.

2) Eating fat makes you fat is a myth

In fact healthy fats like flax seed, olive oil, coconut oil  ( both cold pressed virgin), grass fed butter,  avocado, eggs help your body produce hormones that reduce inflammation and aide metabolism.

3) Hormonal imbalance

Excess estrogen contributes to gall bladder disease and fluid retention among other health problems.

4) Fluid retention

Sometimes 3 to 4 Kg of extra unwanted weight is trapped fluid in the body. Hormonal and mineral imbalances as well as lymphatic congestion will contribute to this.

5) Adrenal exhaustion

Adrenal exhaustion will interfere with progesterone production thus allowing excess estrogen. Fatigue can be another side effect.

6) Blood sugar balance

If you have erratic blood sugar swings you can gain weight easily. When insulin is high sugars and carbs in your diet get converted to fat. Eating a low carb/sugar diet reduces stress on your liver and blood sugar levels.  Avoid high carb foods ( bread, pasta, potato, rice, alcohol, cakes and biscuits ) to lose weight. If you have some carbs studies show having them for dinner rather that breakfast and lunch helps with weight loss. Also gluten, found in alot of high carb foods will contribute to leaky gut and an underactive thyroid.

7) Exercise

Exercise helps hormonal balance and of course burns up energy. But remember if one has a banana and muffin for breakfast you will need to run about 10 kilometers to burn it up. That’s a lot. Exercise helps with weight loss but too much emphasis is put on calories and exercise.


If you want to lose weight look at all of the above. Having good energy will help good metabolic rate and as you can see there is a strong digestion and hormonal link too. Find out more about how Naturopathy can help with weight loss here.

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