Direct & Control Your Health into the Future

Your Future Wellness

Making changes to your diet, nutritional status and balance within the body, even before significant problems arise is a great way to control your health into the future. There some very simple and general things you can do to help impact your future health, as well as things that relate specifically to you.

What’s Around the Corner With Your Health?

Iridology is a form of diagnosis I use to help pinpoint what is happening inside your body, such as areas of weakness, inflammation and nutritional deficiencies, which forewarns of problems brewing within the body. With this information I can then tailor a program to build up these areas to help protect against future problems.

I see people with chronic health problems, such as cancer, dementia, and arthritis time and time again in my practice.

What if these people had taken some simple health precautions? How different would their outcome have been? I believe for many people it could be very different.

I recently read an article by an American Doctor in which he stated that if every young girl in the US took a dose of Selenium daily the occurrence of breast cancer would be 70-80% less in the future. So why isn’t this common practice?

So many of the people I’ve seen over the years work hard and diligently at maintaining optimum health, working with me to do what they can today to avoid illness.

Some people take supplements, such as fish oil, but are not aware of what their body actually needs and what steps they should be taking to help avoid an acute or chronic disease in the future.

There are others who come to see me when they are ill with life threatening conditions and up until this point they had done very little, or nothing to avoid this illness. Often in these cases, I’m confident that if they had made some fairly simple changes, such as lifestyle, diet and taking regular remedies, their current predicament could potentially have been avoided.

Finally, there are many people just don’t want to confront what might be around the corner. We all want longevity and good mental and physical health for as long as possible, and there are things that can be done.

I was once caught speeding while crossing the Australian Nullarbor and the Policeman urged me not to speed again. I have not forgotten the sincerity of his message about the things he had seen in accidents. I was impressed by his passion. In the same way I want to share with you my experience and, as a result, assist you with avoiding illness in the future.

The other day a person described their Leukemia as “an unlucky roll of the dice.” Perhaps, however, I believe there are always steps one can take to greatly reduce risks. The essence of my message to you, is that you can do things today to help protect your health from illness in the future.

My goal is a healthy future for you, your family and friends.

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Hear from my clients

“Nick was wonderful. He made me feel relaxed and welcome. He listened to all my concerns and answered my questions in depth. He explained fully what our session would entail which put me at ease. Nick provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan and prescription. I came away from my appointment filled with optimism for the future.”

– Catherine

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