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Naturopath Nick Dale with iriscope for iridology

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Morley Galleria, Feb 2018

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Hello & a very warm welcome. Many people come to see me with unanswered questions about their health and a goal of being free from health problems. The answer lies in directly treating the underlying cause, which as a Naturopath is what I will focus on. Your consultation with me is about you. You will walk away with a uniquely personalized & tailored plan. I am committed to giving you the time, care, results & expertise you are looking for.

Why Choose Naturopathy?

A Combination of Natural Medicine:
Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs, Iridology

Naturopathy is simply a method of healing & addressing one’s health through natural means. It is based on:

Prevention is preferable to cure

The root cause of dysfunction is identified & treated, not the symptoms

The whole person is treated, not the disease

These are the most basic differences between a Naturopathic approach and that of orthodox medicine. You are welcome to call with any questions you have and to find out more.

Typical Health Conditions Treated

My goal as a Naturopath is to help you achieve optimum health and vitality through natural medicine. Below are examples of typical conditions people come to see me with, but there are many more as everyone is unique. You are always welcome to call first with any questions about your personal health situation to see how I can help.

Professional Associations & Appointments

Full Membership of the
Association of Naturopathic Practitioners

Full Member of the
Guild of Naturopathic

Full Member of the
General Naturopathic

Resident Naturopath
BBC Radio

Customer Experiences

“I have finished the program, I had the best month in years. Completely anxiety free, sleeping well, and very happy.”

“I already have more energy & drive, with just three days on the program, than I’ve had in months … maybe years!”

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