The reason that cellular health is so vitally important is because disease of every kind only sets in when cells become damaged, toxic, inflamed and altered from their healthy natural form.

There are 37 trillion cells in an adult body. Each individual cell needs to eliminate waste and utilize nutritional supplies, just as the body in its entirety does.

Each cell needs to clear waste and toxins and have delivered to it daily clean nutrients and oxygen.

Approximately every seven years your body will have replaced existing cells with a completely new set. Some parts of the body, such as the skin and mucous membranes do this much more frequently. This is why taking continual care of our body, its nutrition, and how it eliminates waste, is important not only to prevent disease but also for your longevity.

Why Are Mitochondria So Important?

Every cell in the body has mitochondria, which are the energy producing, power houses of your cells. They take oxygen and nutrients and convert them into energy. Keeping these mitochondria healthy is key for both energy and to protect against disease.

Key Steps to Optimize Cell Health

  1. Hydration
    Having clean water to hydrate the cells of your body is essential. Dehydration will affect a cell’s ability to clear waste and absorb nutrients.
  2. Efficient Fat Burning
    We want to generate our fuel from good fats, rather than sugar (such as excess carbs and fructose.) Unnatural foods, sugars, and excess Omega 6 fats (eg vegetable oils, Canola, Rape seed oils) also cause a lot of cellular damage.
  3. Avoid Contact With Pollutants
    Things to avoid or minimize are unnatural cosmetics, smoking, excess electromagnetic interference (eg wifi , radiation and mobile phones) and polluted air.
  4. Ensure Your Body is Eliminating Waste Efficiently
    The body eliminates waste via various means, such as the lymphatic system, digestive system, circulation, lungs, liver and kidneys and skin. For efficient elimination, bowels should be opened minimally once per day, skin should be healthy, and exercise taken daily to increase circulation and hoxygenation of the blood.
  5. Supplement with Natural Remedies
    Cell mitochondria loves CoEnzyme Q10, as well as antioxidants. Each and every one of us has different requirements and needs. MSM is a mineral that aids a cell’s ability to clear out waste and absorb nutrients.

Each condition and sign of illhealth is very often an indication that the body requires physical assistance in the form of nutrition or rebalancing with natural medicine.